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 Dynasty Warriors

We are the Dynasty Warriors
We are a Guild Wars 2 guild, mainly consisting of Scandinavian, Belgian, and Dutch players. Our preferred server is Far Shiverpeaks. We label ourselves as a casual PvX guild, meaning we have members doing everything you can imagine. Some are here just for the social part, others are here for the weekly PvE events.

Currently, we are without a sPvP division, but if that's what you're interested in you can surely find people among us that share your interest! We are also rebuilding our WvW core, for instance by promoting new commanders. And it is our aim to get more events in this category going in the near future.

We never forget that there are real people behind the screen, but we always keep fun and gaming in the backs of our heads.  That's why our guild continues to stay together since 2003.

Look around on our forum a bit to see what we're about, or talk to us ingame.
Then meet up with us in Guild Wars 2, we're always looking for new members!


Dynasty Warriors transitioning into Guild Wars 2.1 as a Community
Posted by: Zhen Ji

Since launch we've labeled ourselves as a Casual PvX guild. We've realized that casual doesn't give the impression we've expected. We are letting you, and the world know that We are a Community with members of all types. There be hardcore members, there be community members who've been here for year and there be casual members. Anything you can think of!

Communities are built together, so there's a few changes a foot. Fir

Dynasty Warriors opens their doors to WvW only members
Posted by: Zhen Ji

Since Dynasty Warriors started their WvW activity we have been inviting people to the guild who'd only join for WvW events. Recently it became apparent to us that a bit more advertising of this, and actually having a separate rank for it would be easier for communication with these members. For information about events and similar would just be a lot easier.

We are still a casual guild, and PvX so you can not expect every

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!
Posted by: Zhen Ji

We're all a bit different and we'll celebrate different! That also means that some of us will be around and some of us will be on a holiday break, all as should be!

I want to thank you all for this great fall we've had together, and I hope that the coming year and years will be great! Think long term, and when you need a break take a break. Just remember to tell us in the a

Why Dynasty Warriors are staying on Far Shiverpeaks
Posted by: Zhen Ji

A few weeks back (last weekend of November) the officers of Dynasty Warriors (and GL ofc) had a guild management meeting where we discussed if we should switch servers or not.

Why we are staying on Far Shiverpeaks:
  • We are a casual PvX guild, even if we have an active WvW team (now we pull at least 20 people to WvW / night, without planned events, and closer to 30 on a planned event). Our members more focused on PvE wou

We are recruiting casual PvX and active WvW players!
Posted by: Zhen Ji

Guild: Dynasty Warriors DW
Server: Far Shiverpeaks
Language: English

We are a fully international guild with a lot of European players. Especially Dutch-speaking and Scandinavian. But we also have our fair share of NA and AU players and are looking to extend our roster with more players.
Our main language is English and it is preferred in the guild chat.

Dynasty Warriors started the

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