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 Dynasty Warriors

We are the Dynasty Warriors
We are a Guild Wars 2 guild, mainly consisting of Scandinavian, Belgian, and Dutch players. Our preferred server is Far Shiverpeaks. We label ourselves as a casual PvX guild, meaning we have members doing everything you can imagine. Some are here just for the social part, others are here for the weekly PvE events.

Currently, we are without a sPvP division, but if that's what you're interested in you can surely find people among us that share your interest! We are also rebuilding our WvW core, for instance by promoting new commanders. And it is our aim to get more events in this category going in the near future.

We never forget that there are real people behind the screen, but we always keep fun and gaming in the backs of our heads.  That's why our guild continues to stay together since 2003.

Look around on our forum a bit to see what we're about, or talk to us ingame.
Then meet up with us in Guild Wars 2, we're always looking for new members!


Christmas Holidays
Posted by: Cao Cao

We're almost halfway through the last (official) week of the year 2014. This means some of you will be away on a holiday break during the 2 weeks often referred to as the Christmas Holidays ;)
When I think of Christmas I think of cold weather, a thick layer of snow on the streets, families spending time together and presents for the children.
In reality the temperature is 12 degrees Celsius and it's raining over here  :-X

For the Dynasty Warriors community 2014 ha

The ranks within Dynasty Warriors
Posted by: Teng Fanglan

The ranks of a guild can be a bit confusing, at times. This is a post to try to clear things up a bit for you, but it shouldn't be taken as a rule book, but more of a guide. All Dynasty Warriors members are expected to follow our code of honour. This applies from the newest member, to Cao Cao. Of course, we also expect you to use common sense ;)

It is worth mentioning that we do not tolerate sexism, racism or homo/transphobia. We are all gamers, no matter who we are or where we come from. A friendly and respectful attitude goes a long way :)

Applicant: When you create an account on the forum, you do not have access to the whole forum, and can th

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