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Author Topic: Anunitia Vandalay - Sugarpush.9601  (Read 194 times)


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Anunitia Vandalay - Sugarpush.9601
« on: 12 October 2017, 18:02 »
Account Name and Character Name(s)
- Anunitia Vandalay
- Niftytickle
- Sugarpush



What (nick)name would you prefer we call you? (Choose one)

Tell us about yourself (who are you? game experience? clan experience?)
I have experience from several MMO's. Started with GW2 a couple of years ago but never got any real chance to indulge my self due to work and family.  I have 2 small kids (2yo and 1yo) and started my parental leave (12 months) a couple of weeks ago, very much timed to the expansion :) I did use to be a guildleader of a Swedish guild called Yggdrasil, together with my wife, in WoW several years ago.

How did you find out about us? Did someone give you the link to this site?
Via Far Shiverpeaks Forum.

Are you currently member of any other Guild(s)? How's their policy on multiple guilds, and level of activity?

What kind of game play are you interested in in Guild Wars 2? PvX, PvE, WvW, sPvP
PvX, PvE

Please explain your motivation for wanting to join DW
The social  dimension is important to any MMO. I would not have a fun time playing without it.
I also want to contribute  and be engaged in a context when I am playing. I am that kinda person who likes to help out and share gaming experiences.

Zhuge Liang

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Re: Anunitia Vandalay - Sugarpush.9601
« Reply #1 on: 13 October 2017, 14:39 »
An invite has been send, welcome!