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Author Topic: Why Dynasty Warriors are staying on Far Shiverpeaks  (Read 8706 times)


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Why Dynasty Warriors are staying on Far Shiverpeaks
« on: 12 December 2012, 21:25 »
A few weeks back (last weekend of November) the officers of Dynasty Warriors (and GL ofc) had a guild management meeting where we discussed if we should switch servers or not.

Why we are staying on Far Shiverpeaks:
  • We are a casual PvX guild, even if we have an active WvW team (now we pull at least 20 people to WvW / night, without planned events, and closer to 30 on a planned event). Our members more focused on PvE wouldn't be interested in moving, or care about moving.
  • We want to see the changes from ANet first that will hopefully encourage more WvW. Yes February is far away, but the change will come. And we do get a taste already in the next patch!
  • We are here for the longhaul, this game will be around for years why burn yourself out in the first 6 months. DW has been a community for 9 years, soon 10.
  • We have recruited a lot of new members, under the banner that we are not going anywhere. They need to know that they can trust in what their leaders say. Unlike some guilds (almost applies to all the guilds that have left) where they have said that they will stay and fight and a few days or a week later leaves us a message of their departure.
  • If we started server-hopping there would be no end to it. What would be the criteria for when we would have to move again, dropping one tier? Finishing in second place in a match up? Meeting one guild that didn't treat us well? It is just so much simpler for so many reasons (especially guild management and recruitment) to stay on this server.
  • We do not care about being in T1, we want to find a stable matchup that matches _our server_. No matter which tier that is. Stop and think for a moment where we would have stabilized if we had not fallen to the pressure of "We have to be T1" that some guilds felt, and thus jumped servers and just focused on the amount if time each guild/individual wants to spend in WvW. (I believe we'd still be in t1/t2 without a doubt)
DW is not moving because there would be no end to server jumping, we rather wait for the WvW related patches and locked servers transfers (by locked I mean payed).

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Re: Why Dynasty Warriors are staying on Far Shiverpeaks
« Reply #1 on: 15 December 2012, 13:12 »
Good to see you're staying :) At least not everyone is hopping onto a T1 bandwagon server  :D