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Recruitment / Re: Returning to DW
« Last Post by drunkagain on 4 October 2016, 11:09 »
Hey there I stopped playing a year ago and since Hot I got addicted again :P
 Would be nice to play again with you guys!!


Recruitment / Re: Returning to DW
« Last Post by ManTon on 23 October 2015, 19:28 »

I've stopped playing for a while, but with the arrival of Heart of Thorns I would like to join the guild again.
I really had a good time with you guys, so I would really appreciate it ;)



Recruitment / Re: Returning to DW
« Last Post by Dai Shan of Malkier on 10 October 2015, 23:30 »

I've been in military service the past year and have been unable to play. I'd really like to join up with my former guild once again.

Kind regards
Dai Shan of Malkier
Recruitment / Re: Returning to DW
« Last Post by Airwipe on 10 October 2015, 21:28 »
Hello. I stopped playing a year ago and is now returning wishing to be a part of my old guild. If possible, I'll once again like to be a part of you guys.

Best regards
Cpt Jax
Recruitment / Re: Returning to DW
« Last Post by Lotteke on 26 June 2015, 17:16 »
(not sure if I'm supposed to post here or create a new topic, so sorry if I guessed wrong)

Soooo... Guess who just pre-ordered the expansion and is crawling back to Tyria!

It's me.

I hereby apologise for being a poopyhead and disappearing for months without saying anything. It's kind of WoW's fault though. And my boss, since I'm doing the whole fulltime job thing. However, now I've rerolled (yeah, again) back onto the correct server, and I'm really looking forward to getting back into the game! I keep forgetting how pretty it is.

So if you'll have me, I'd like to reapply to the guild, and kill dragons with you and stuff!

Recruitment / Returning to DW
« Last Post by Teng Fanglan on 25 March 2015, 02:25 »
Have you been a member of The Dynasty Warriors previously, and want to join again? Or are you a community member wanting access to the forum?

Post here to get that account activated!

If you are a community member, please state the names the guild may have known you by, and in which game you were a member!

Note that this is a thread for those having been a member previously. To apply for the first time, go to "Join us" and follow the instructions!
Blog / Re: Christmas Holidays
« Last Post by Teng Fanglan on 25 December 2014, 19:49 »
Indeed, happy holidays!

Weather here decided to turn very much colder, all of a sudden. Still barely any snow though. And I solemnly promise not to blow stuff up, unless I'm supposed to. ;)
Blog / Re: Christmas Holidays
« Last Post by Saturn on 25 December 2014, 12:31 »
Awwww... and haha @the last paragraph. ^^

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas as well! :)

As for the weather... here we've actually at least had sunshine and blue sky over the last few days, although today it's back to being grey again. Looks like next week it will get colder (below 0 degrees celsius even during daytime). But not sure yet if we will also get a bit of snow here, or if it will all come down in the form of rain still... well, I'll see I guess. *hopes for snow*
Blog / Christmas Holidays
« Last Post by Cao Cao on 24 December 2014, 13:44 »

We're almost halfway through the last (official) week of the year 2014. This means some of you will be away on a holiday break during the 2 weeks often referred to as the Christmas Holidays ;)
When I think of Christmas I think of cold weather, a thick layer of snow on the streets, families spending time together and presents for the children.
In reality the temperature is 12 degrees Celsius and it's raining over here  :-X

For the Dynasty Warriors community 2014 has been a year of transitions. More spontaneous guild events, reshuffle of the guild management group, solid weekly event schedule, new members and ongoing friendships. Friendships that go further than just being online together. We've seen some of you during the meeting in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Utrecht (Netherlands). We hope to see more of you again during the next international guild meeting in 2015!

I want to thank you all for the great year we've had together. We hope you enjoy your time with Dynasty Warriors and that we'll keep hanging out together in the coming year(s).

Happy Christmas holidays and a Merry Christmas in advance! Watch out with the fireworks, don't do anything stupid to yourself, other people, animals or objects that were not supposed to be blown up.

See you all in the new year :)
Cao Cao, Stranger, Lirael, Kameara, Finessa
Blog / Re: The ranks within Dynasty Warriors
« Last Post by Saturn on 13 November 2014, 16:28 »
Good and informative post! :)

*clicks imaginary like-button* ^^
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