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Blog / The ranks within Dynasty Warriors
« Last Post by Teng Fanglan on 13 November 2014, 15:20 »
The ranks of a guild can be a bit confusing, at times. This is a post to try to clear things up a bit for you, but it shouldn't be taken as a rule book, but more of a guide. All Dynasty Warriors members are expected to follow our code of honour. This applies from the newest member, to Cao Cao. Of course, we also expect you to use common sense ;)

It is worth mentioning that we do not tolerate sexism, racism or homo/transphobia. We are all gamers, no matter who we are or where we come from. A friendly and respectful attitude goes a long way :)

Applicant: When you create an account on the forum, you do not have access to the whole forum, and can therefore not see or sign up for any events or such. That is why it is important you don't forget that there will be more interesting parts added as you rise through the ranks. To join DW, you have to be over 18 and be able to communicate in English. Yes, we do make rare exceptions, but then you really have to prove yourself mature.

Community: These are the people that are no longer active in the game, but still are a vital part of the Dynasty Warriors community.

New member: This is the rank where you end up after someone decides to invite you. While here, we as a guild will look at what you say and do, and decide whether you would be a good addition to our ranks, or not. The one that invited you will be monitoring you a little bit more than others, and will also be the one promoting or removing you. To be promoted, you have to be social and active, as well as creating an account on the forum and write an application or introduction. If you don't represent, we can't really get to know you, and it will be hard for us to decide whether you fit in or not.

New members have access to most parts of the forum, but not all. This means you shouldn't be surprised if a post suddenly disappears, it was most likely just moved to another section. As a new member, you will generally be removed from the guild if you are inactive for more than a month (without posting in the “Away” topic).

Member: This is the largest group, and the one you'll most likely find yourself in. As a DW member, you are not required to show up for a certain event, or even represent a certain amount. We do however want you to represent us and take part in what we do. What is the point of being in a guild if you are not going to actually participate? As a member of DW, we expect you to be helpful to other guildies, and to ask in the guild chat when you decide to do something you need or want more people for.

Members are expected to visit the forum regularly, and help out in assessing the recruits. You are also expected to know your way around the forum, to sign up for events and sharing and obtaining information.

As a member, you will not be removed from the guild until you've been inactive for more than three months without posting in the “Away” topic.

Senior member: Senior members have been around for a while, and proven that they are not only social and active, but also loyal and helpful. A senior member may choose a Dynasty Warriors name, which is the reason you might have seen some of the members using different names on the forum and in-game.

In addition to doing what a regular member would, a senior member is also expected to step up and help out should the need arise. Things like guild missions, and leading groups on dungeon nights or in fractals, are common things a senior member would do.

Commander: The guild commander is a person that leads us into battle in WvW. You can volunteer for the role, and we will test your abilities to lead and communicate. If approved, you will get the rank that signifies this role, which also gives you access to our siege.

At the moment, we have two commanders, but we are always looking for more.

Guild management: The management have varying tasks. Some are more anonymous than others, but all do a part in keeping the guild running. Some in keeping the website running, others in organizing PvE and WvW events, taking care of recruits, and managing the administrative things in-game.

For more info on the people in the guild management, we have a series of posts - Meet the management:
Cao Cao, founder
Blog / Dynasty Warriors transitioning into Guild Wars 2.1 as a Community
« Last Post by maloki on 30 May 2013, 17:28 »
Since launch we've labeled ourselves as a Casual PvX guild. We've realized that casual doesn't give the impression we've expected. We are letting you, and the world know that We are a Community with members of all types. There be hardcore members, there be community members who've been here for year and there be casual members. Anything you can think of!

Communities are built together, so there's a few changes a foot. First and foremost, we welcome all our members to help us invite new members to this community. Everyone with member rank and above now has full rights to invite new members. These members will land in the "New Member" rank, and after having been introduced to one of our officers they'll be promoted up to member. We want everyone to feel welcome when they join, not like a scrub or pug.

Further more, we want to receive your feedback on all and any matters. Either talk with an officer or guild leader in game or here on the forum, and they will relay it to the rest of us. Wei Yan, being our internal affairs dude, is also a person you can talk to when there's direct concerns about other peoples behaviour (including other Guild Leaders).

The officers will also spend a bit of time after the Guild Meeting to discuss the feedback. We want to improve at taking action regarding subjects mentioned during the meetings. Waiting for our monthly officer meetings does simply take too long. We will be listening and dependent on the severity of the matter take action then and there.

We do like every community have our ups and downs. People change, the definition of "fun" changes, the game changes, the community changes. We hope that with the help of your feedback we will evolve and grow in the right direction.
Recruitment / [Template] Wei Yan - Wei Yan.5268
« Last Post by Wei Yan on 11 March 2013, 18:02 »
Looking to join? Fill out the template you find HERE like I just did below

Account Name and Character Name(s)
Wei Yan.5268

Wei Yan
Shinobo No Mono
Eyes Of The Heart


Belgium GMT+1

Tell us about yourself (who are you? game experience? clan experience?)
I am a currently unemployed laid back guy, with degrees in education and social work. I have played alot of games over the years, most prominently in the MMO department FFXI and Guild Wars. I was in a couple of linkshells in FFXI and a couple of small guilds in Guild Wars, before I joined Dynasty Warriors.

How did you find out about us? Did someone give you the link to this site?
I found you through the guild of the week website.

Are you currently member of any other Guild(s)? How's their policy on multiple guilds, and level of activity?
I'm a member of CIA and TNA. The first serves solely as a contact list for off peak hours play, and the latter only requires repping during events.

What kind of game play are you interested in in Guild Wars 2? PvX, PvE, WvW, sPvP

Please explain your motivation for wanting to join DW
I'm looking for a casual guild with a large memberbase and a variety in types of events. Also I'm hoping to find a fun and laid back community, without power hungry officers/leaders.
Blog / Dynasty Warriors opens their doors to WvW only members
« Last Post by maloki on 8 February 2013, 01:41 »
Since Dynasty Warriors started their WvW activity we have been inviting people to the guild who'd only join for WvW events. Recently it became apparent to us that a bit more advertising of this, and actually having a separate rank for it would be easier for communication with these members. For information about events and similar would just be a lot easier.

We are still a casual guild, and PvX so you can not expect everyone to be in WvW all the time, but we do have quite a strong WvW presence, at all hours of the day.

If you are interested in joining DW for WvW you are welcome to get in touch with either myself (Maloki in game), Godchewer or Aco Derpalist.

- There's also a strong nightly presence for our guild, and for the Far Shiverpeaks server we have another initiative that is called CIA - Caffeine Induced Addiction which is to organize any WvW members of the community. If you feel you fit in better there instead of with DW (since you could technically end up in both) you can also contact the same group of people about this.
Blog / Re: Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!
« Last Post by Jak Shadow on 2 January 2013, 20:47 »
Happy New Year Dynasty Warriors.  Looking forward to fun and games with you all in 2013 - I hope it is a good year for us all.
Blog / Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!
« Last Post by Cao Cao on 1 January 2013, 07:37 »
Happy New Year! All the best for 2013, may it be a splendid gaming year for you!
Blog / Re: Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!
« Last Post by Xiahou Yuan on 1 January 2013, 03:02 »
Whoooooooooooooo happy new year 'n stuff!

Blog / Re: Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!
« Last Post by Han Sui on 1 January 2013, 02:19 »
Happy New Year sweet guildies of mine! May you all get merrily wasted. I know I am.

Blog / Re: Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!
« Last Post by maloki on 1 January 2013, 01:11 »

We've been listening to the city's fireworks and are watching some movies.
Also had champagne! Omnomnom!

I'm looking forward to a great gaming year with all of you!
Blog / Re: Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!
« Last Post by Zhao Cen on 31 December 2012, 17:22 »
Happy new year all of you!

GW2 has only been out for a couple of short months but so far it has been a blast gaming together with you all!

Lets hope the new year will bring as much fun as did 2012.

Remember to drink safe and drive responsibly (or was that the other way around :P) and I'll see you all online in 2013!
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