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Recruitment / Forum rules
« Last Post by Cao Cao on 9 October 2012, 02:09 »
A couple of rules every forum member has to follow:

• No double topic posting. First look if there is already a topic in the forum and if your question can be posted in that topic;

• Offtopic talk (e.g. going on about another topic not related to the main topic). Don't do this, especially not with serious talk topics. If you do go offtopic, please keep to a max of 10 posts or something;

• Don't whine about simple grammar or spelling mistakes. This could be highly irritating and I doubt you're all English spelling wonders;

• Criticism is fine, but elaborate your opinion instead of flaming or throlling the topics;

• Don't post useless replies like "hi" or "right". It might be easy, but can be highly irritating as well;

• In case you've found a post that is inappropriate on this forum, report this to the forum moderator (who in turn could report it to the admin if needed).

The administrator and moderators have the right to move or remove topics on the various forums.

Once you break the forum rules... first strike = warning. In case you keep going on, your forum account will be blocked!
Recruitment / DW Code of Honour
« Last Post by Cao Cao on 9 October 2012, 02:05 »
Quote from: Wei Yan
Quote from: Cao Cao
Dynasty Warriors maintain a Code of Honour. Upon joining you've agreed to act according to the 8 Commandments.

]|[ The Eight Commandments ]|[

• Sportsmanship - Act as a true sportsman. After all it is just a game that you play and there can only be one winner/winning team. So be sportive in case you have lost a match, there are plenty of other chances.

• Play Fair - Play fair, as member of the Dynasty Warriors you are FORBIDDEN to use any kind of cheats that could help you in a game, even if it is just a public game.

• Graceful - Most of the games are good games, so you shouldn’t make a point about it if you win or lose it. Be graceful in defeat, and magnanimous in victory.

• Well Mannered - Maintaining a good attitude is essential. Childish and obnoxious behaviour is not tolerated, which includes abusive behaviour, swearing, etc.

• Support - Always provide help and advice wherever needed, if one would ask us how things work, we should treat them nicely and help them instead of saying things like RTFM.

• Code of Silence - We don't wish to be a clan known for whining. There will always be people like that flaming other people or even clans and WE WILL NOT be one of those. If someone flames you, don't argue or disrespect them or their clan in return, just ignore the person because they aren't worth your time and effort.

• Playtime - The most important thing: play when you can. Of course it is nice that you have the opportunity to play in a nice clan, but of course real life comes first!

• Availability - Let us know when you're available for practices / matches. We don't expect you to be there every day ;) Just don’t forget to tell other people when you are unable to come to a game or meeting.

Cao Cao - November 18th 2003

We survived 9 years with these rules, I suggest you stick to them as well.
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