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Author Topic: Dynasty Warriors transitioning into Guild Wars 2.1 as a Community  (Read 11592 times)


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Since launch we've labeled ourselves as a Casual PvX guild. We've realized that casual doesn't give the impression we've expected. We are letting you, and the world know that We are a Community with members of all types. There be hardcore members, there be community members who've been here for year and there be casual members. Anything you can think of!

Communities are built together, so there's a few changes a foot. First and foremost, we welcome all our members to help us invite new members to this community. Everyone with member rank and above now has full rights to invite new members. These members will land in the "New Member" rank, and after having been introduced to one of our officers they'll be promoted up to member. We want everyone to feel welcome when they join, not like a scrub or pug.

Further more, we want to receive your feedback on all and any matters. Either talk with an officer or guild leader in game or here on the forum, and they will relay it to the rest of us. Wei Yan, being our internal affairs dude, is also a person you can talk to when there's direct concerns about other peoples behaviour (including other Guild Leaders).

The officers will also spend a bit of time after the Guild Meeting to discuss the feedback. We want to improve at taking action regarding subjects mentioned during the meetings. Waiting for our monthly officer meetings does simply take too long. We will be listening and dependent on the severity of the matter take action then and there.

We do like every community have our ups and downs. People change, the definition of "fun" changes, the game changes, the community changes. We hope that with the help of your feedback we will evolve and grow in the right direction.


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Are you guys still active in GW2?

Teng Fanglan

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The guild still exists, and we do have people playing, but I wouldn't label us as very active


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