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The Nanman Kingdom
• Meng Huo
The King of Nanman. He controlled the lands south of Shu, but led a rebellion against them. He fought with Zhuge Liang, who had come on a campaign, but was no match for Zhuge's wit. He was captured seven times, and Zhuge Liang released him each time. This impressed him so much that he agreed to serve Zhuge Liang and the Shu Kingdom.

• Zhu Rong
The wife of Meng Huo, King of Nanman. She is a descendant of the legendary God of Fire, Zhu Rong. Very strong and skilled in the martial arts, her trademark move is a deadly leaping slash attack. Stepping in for her husband, she managed to capture Zhang Yi and Ma Zhong, but was caught herself by Wei Yan and Ma Dai. A hostage exchange ensued, with both parties returning safely.

The Family
• Meng Jie
King Meng Huo's older brother. Living in an abyss known as Mo An, he was referred to as the "Hermit of Mo An". He goes to meet Zhuge Liang, who had been led there by the mountain gods. He helps treat Zhuge's troops, who had taken ill from the poison marshes.

• Meng You
Meng Huo's younger brother. With his brother losing to Zhuge Liang's Southern campaign, he introduces him to King Duosi, encouraging him to resist the Shu troops. However, captured along with his brother by Zhuge Liang, he surrenders to Shu.

• Dailai Dongzhu
The younger brother of Meng Huo's wife, Zhu Rong. He introduces King Duosi and Wu Tugu to Meng Huo, who keeps losing in his battles with Shu. He advises on the need for reinforcements.

The Wise
• King Duosi
Former leader of a Nanman tribe. Friends with Meng Huo's younger brother, Meng You, he was labelled as the wisest man in all of Nanman. He goes to help the outnumbered Meng Huo. Using the four poison marshes of the Tu Mang Caves against Zhuge Liang.

• King Mulu
The leader of a Nanman tribe. With both his magic, calling on the wind and rain, and his giant elephants, he frightened the Shu troops. However, his magic is defeated by Zhuge Liang and he is killed in battle.

• Wu Tugu
King of Wu Ge. An extremely large man with skin like scales. His elite troops were impervious on both sword and arrow skills alike, making it very difficult for the Shu forces, but is caught and killed in a Zhuge Liang plot.

The Leaders
• Jinhuan Sanje
General of the Nanman King, Meng Huo. General of the First Cavern. Jinhuan Sanje leaves his cavern stronghold with Ahui Nan and Dong Tu Ne to fight the Shu Han army. They are ambushed at night, sent into confusion, and Jinhuan Sanje is killed by Zhao Yun.

• Dong Tu Ne
An officer under Meng Huo. The leader of the second cave. Together with Ahui Nan, he goes to back up Meng Huo, but is captured and then released bu Zhuge Liang. Later, he goes up against Meng Huo, but is killed.

• Ahui Nan
An officer under Meng Huo. Leader of the third cave. He came as reinforcements for Meng Huo, but was captured and then released. He once again set out, but was ridiculed to the sound of "Have you no shame?". Causing him to withdraw his army.

• Mang Yachang
Second general of Meng Huo, King of Nanman. Ordered by Meng Huo, Mang Yachang strikes Zhuge Liang's Southern Campaign, but is crushed by his opponent, Wang Ping. He is later killed in a battle against Ma Dai.

The Heroes
• Yong Kai
Yong Kai was an officer under Meng Huo's tribe.Yong Kai organized a resistance against Liu Bei's new authority. Yong Kai contacted Shi Xie, and Shi Xie referred him to Bu Zhi instead. For years to come, Yong Kai and his men would serve as Sun Quan's agents in Yi Province. Yong Kai heard that Shu was asking for battle, so he took the challenge, and fled at the third encounter. Wei Yan pursued him for about seven miles. The next day Yong Kai challenged the Shu troops, but they refused to fight. Yong Kai and Gao Ding tried a double pincer attack, but both were ambushed.

• Feng Ji
A Shu vassal. Together with Yong Kai, he participated in the revolt against Shu, but surrenders to Zhuge Liang. Thanks to his efforts, including victories over Yong Kai and Zhu Bao, he is rewarded with control of the Yi Province.

• Gao Ding
A Shu vassal. Together with Yong Kai, he participated in the revolt against Shu, but surrenders to Zhuge Liang. Thanks to his efforts, including victories over Yong Kai and Zhu Bao, he is rewarded with control of the Yi Province.

• Zhu Bao
Together with Gao Ding, he participated in the revolt led by Meng Huo and Yong Kai. He is killed by Gao Ding due to Zhuge Liang's plot.

Dong Zhuo's Forces
• Dong Zhuo
He was the imperial envoy of Xi Liang. Dong Zhuo gathered troops during the struggle in the imperial palace. He made an ally of Lu Bu by giving him the Red Hare, a magnificent horse, and seized control of the court army. The ruthless Dong Zhuo took power, proclaimed himself Prime Minister, and embarked on a path of tyranny. He deposed Emperor Shao and elevated Emperor Xian and continued to pursue extremely violent policies of government as ruler. Cornered by Yuan Shao's league and desperate to maintain his power, Dong Zhuo kidnapped the Emperor, looting and setting fire to Luo Yang. He fled westward to Chang An where he declared his new capital and secured himself. However, Dong Zhuo's minister Wang Yun tricked Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu into falling in love with the same maiden, sparking a rivalry between them. He was assassinated by Lu Bu.

• Diao Chan
A young songstress unequalled in beauty as well as song and dance. Raised by Wang Yun as his own daughter. For the sake of Wang, who is fearful of Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu, she gets close to both of them, and succeeds in tearing their relationship apart, with Lu Bu later killing Dong Zhuo.

The Unbreakable Bodyguard
• Lu Bu
A brave warrior of whom it was said, "Among men, Lu Bu. Among horses, the Red Hare". Of the warriors of that time peerless Lü Pu was the boldest. His valour and prowess are sung by all within the four seas. Lu Bu's life was marked by a series of betrayals, and his name became synonymous with treachery. He first served as Ding Yuan's adopted son. When Dong Zhuo offered the Red Hare to him, Lu Bu assassinated Ding Yuan and switched to Dong Zhuo's side. Dong Zhuo relied heavily on him. He later succeeded in plotting Dong Zhuo's murder with Wang Yun. After assassinating Dong Zhuo, he sided temporarily with Liu Bei, who supported him while he was in exile. Lu Bu eventually betrayed Liu Bei. In the end, Lu Bu was betrayed by one of his subordinates and captured by Cao Cao, who had him put to death.

The Family
• Dong Min
Younger brother of Dong Zhuo. Dong Min obtains the post of the General of the Left when his Dong Zhuo manipulates the emperor Xian and seizes power. When his brother is betrayed and killed by Lu bu, Dong Min is blamed equally and executed.

• Li Ru
Servant and also son-in-law of Dong Zhuo. He provided various plots and strategies, leading the corrupt government, unable to see through Diao Chan's plot, he is executed as an accomplice after Dong Zhuo's death.

The Officers
• Hua Xiong
A general under Dong Zhuo. He served as the vanguard for Dong Zhuo's army. He defeated Sun Jian at the Fan Shui Gate, fighting like a true general until he was killed by Guan Yu. Historically, he was killed by the hands of Sun Jian.

• Fan Chou
An officer under Dong Zhuo. After Dong Zhuo's death, he defeated Ma Teng and Han Sui's armies, who came to attack. Since they were friends from the same home province, he allowed Han Sui to escape, causing Li Jue to kill him for treason.

• Guo Si
An officer under Dong Zhuo. After Dong Zhuo's death he suddenly attacked Chang An under the advise of Jia Xu. Killing Wang Yun among others, he seized control of the Imperial Court with the help of Li Jue. He later became a bandit, and was killed by his servant Wu Xi.

• Chen Gong
Governor of Zhong Mou Xian during the Later Han. Chen Gong sides with Cao Cao in the failed assassination plot against Dong Zhuo, but later parted with him, disgusted by his cold-heartedness. He later became Lu Bu's strategist, but was defeated and captured. He requests his own execution.

• Li Jue
Officer under Dong Zhuo. After Dong Zhuo's assassination, he and his colleagues kill Wang Yun. Taking emperor Xiao, he assumes control of the government. Due to a plot by Yang Biao, he ends up fighting with his colleague Guo Si, leading to his own demise.

• Hu Zhen
An officer under Dong Zhuo. He fought against Yuan Shao and the anti-Dong army at Fan Shui Gate. Serving as a vice general under Huo Xiong, he took 5000 troops into battle, but was defeated by Sun Jian's servant Cheng Pu.

• Li Meng
An officer under Dong Zhuo. After Dong Zhuo's death, he opens the castle gate together with Wang Fan, allowing the bandits into the city. Caught by Ma Chao, he is beheaded.

• Li Su
Vassal of Dong Zhuo. Li Su succeeds in getting Lu Bu to defect to Dong Zhuo by bribing him with the famous Red Hare. He later participates in Wang Yun's assassination plot of Dong Zhuo, by acting as an envoy to lure him into the palace.

• Niu Fu
An officer under Dong Zhuo and also his son-in-law. After Dong Zhuo's assassination, he heads to Chang An for revenge. However, seeing that he is unable to match Lu Bu, he gives up and escapes, only to be killed by one of his associates.

• Wang Fang
An officer under Dong Zhuo. After Dong Zhuo's death, he strikes a secret pact with bandits who had advanced on Chang An, opening the gate allowing them in. Later, he goes to fight Ma Chao, who had rose against the bandits, but loses in a duel with him.

• Xu Rong
An officer under Dong Zhuo. After Cao Cao is ambushed by Lu Bu on his way to Chang An, Xu Rong pursues Cao Cao, catching him with an arrow in the shoulder. However, Xu is stopped by Xiahou Dun, who came to Cao Cao's aid.

• Zhang Ji
An officer under Dong Zhuo and uncle to Zhang Xiu. He was married to the beautiful Zou Ji. Due to lack of supplies, he attacks Liu Biao, but he is struck by a stray arrow and killed.

• Zhao Cen
An officer under Dong Zhuo. He followed Hua Xiong, going to attack the Allied forces of Yuan Shao. When Dong Zhuo moved the capital from Luo Yang to Chang An, he followed suit and evacuated the Fan Shui Gate.

Lu Bu's Officers
• Gao Shun
An officer under Lu Bu. A brave general who foughts for Lu Bu and was known as the general who could break any enemy camp. After the defeat of Lu Bu, he is brought before Cao Cao, but he gives no excuses and dies honorably.

• Hou Cheng
Vassal of Lu Bu. Hou Cheng is flogged for breaking the rule against drinking while garrisoned in the castle. He abandons Lu Bu for this violence and decides to leave with Wei Xu and Song Xian. They steal Red Hare and surrender to Cao Cao.

• Song Xian
An officer under Lu Bu. After seeing his friend Hou Cheng being punished for a trivial thing, he, Hou Cheng and Wei Xu defect to Cao Cao. Later, in the battle with Yuan Shao, he is killed by general Yan Liang.

• Wei Xu
An officer under Lu Bu. Together with Hou Cheng and Song Xian, he defects to Cao Cao. At the Battle of Bai Ma, he challenges Yan Liang to a duel, but is killed in one blow.

• Yin Li
A bandit from Mt. Tai. Called into Lu Bu's service by Chen Gong as they were about to face Cao Cao. He attempted an ambush on Cao Cao's forces but was thwarted by Xu Chu. After Lu Bu's death, he joined Cao Cao's ranks.

Yuan Shao's Forces
• Yuan Shao
Yuan Shao was a patriarch of the famous Yuan family and a descendant of the founder of the Han dynasty. He made a commanding presence, intimately connected to the cream of society. Yuan Shao initiated the attack on the court eunuchs. He led as commander-in-chief of the league that fought against Dong Zhou. After Dong Zhou's death, he expanded his domain, and his power grew to be a major force to be reckoned with in northern China. He fought Cao Cao but was decisively defeated at Guan Du. He lost all hope of ruling central China, because he failed to heed the advice of his wise followers, Tian Feng and Xu You. When Cao Cao defeated his sons, the despondent Yuan Shao died of illness.

The Family
• Yuan Shu
Yuan Shu was the younger cousin of Yuan Shao, though he maintained a very shaky relationship with Yuan Shao. Dong Zhuo appointed Yuan Shu general, but Yuan Shu resigned the commission to take the position of governor-general of Nanyang. Working quickly, he established a powerful position within Huai Nan. He pawned soldiers to Sun Ce for the Hereditary Seal and proclaimed himself Emperor. But he dissipated his energies through excessive luxury. Yuan Shu lost the loyalty of his people and soldiers, and his army abandoned him after losing to Liu Bei. He finally fled to seek protection of Yuan Shao but was overcome by illness en route.

• Yuan Tan
Yuan Shao's oldest son. Following his father's death he fights with the youngest of the descendants, Yuan Shang, but loses. Receiving help from Cao Cao he defeats Yuan Shang, but is then killed by Cao Cao.

• Yuan Xi
Yuan Shao's second son, he is from the You province. He aims for Cao Cao, who killed his brother Yuan Shang, but one of his men turns against him, forcing him to flee to Wu Wan. Later, he is aided by Gongsun Zan of Liao Dong, but is betrayed and his head is sent to Cao Cao.

• Yuan Shang
Yuan Shao's third son. Due to his looks, he was favored by Yuan Shao. After his father's death, he fought with his eldest brother, Yuan Tan, for the throne. Later, he is defeated by Cao Cao and turns to his other brother, Yuan Xi, governor of the You Province.

The Advisors
• Guo Tu
Tactician of Yuan Shao. At the Battle of Guan Du, when Wu Chao is suddenly attacked, Guo Tu's suggestion that, [Now is the time to attack Cao Cao's base camp,] leads to defeat. After Yuan Shao's death, he becomes advisor to Yuan Tan.

• Tian Feng
Strategist for Yuan Shao. Xun Yu describes Tian Feng. [He defies his lord with integrity.] He is imprisoned for opposing the war with Cao Cao suggesting a war of attribution. H e is slandered by Feng Ji and commits suicide.

The Officers
• Wen Chou
A brave warrior under Yuan Shao. Together with Yan Liang, they were Yuan Shao's well known and best generals. He simultaneously defeated Zhang Liao and Xu Huang at the battle of Guan Du. He was beheaded by Guan Yu, who was then under Cao Cao.

• Yan Liang
A brave, but feared warrior of Yuan Shao. He led the vanguard with Wen Chou at Guan Du, killing Zong Xian and Wei Xu and putting Xu Huang to flight. He was beheaded by Guan Yu, who was on Cao Cao's side at that point.

• Chun Yuqiong
An officer under Yuan Shao. Formerly one of the eight officials of Xi Yuan along with Yuan Shao and Cao Cao. At the Battle of Guan Du, he guarded the provisions depot, but after drinking too much wine, was too drunk to defend it when attacked by Cao Cao. Furious, Yuan Shao has him killed.

The Heroes
• Gao Gan
Nephew of Yuan Shao. Lieutenant Governor of Bing. Gao Gan leads an army to sava Yuan Shao after his loss at Guan Du. He alter raises an army against Cao Cao at Hu Guan. He puts up a good fight against Cao Cao's reknowned generals Li Dian and Yue Jin, but is defeated.

• Gao Lan
An officer under Yuan Shao. At the Battle of Guan Du, he fought with the mighty Xu Chu of Cao Cao's army. He later goes to serve Cao Cao with his companion, Zhang He. He attacked Liu Bei at Ru Nan, killing Liu Pi.

• Han Meng
An officer under Yuan Shao. At the Battle of Guan Du, he sent supplies, but they were attacked and burnt by Xu Huang. Upeon returning to his camp, he is demoted by the enraged Yuan Shao.

• Ju Shou
A vassal of Yuan Shao. He often advised to strike Cao Cao, but Yuan didn't listen, instead throwing him in jail. After Yuan Shao's defeat, he is advised to surrender to Cao Cao, but he refuses and is killed during his attempt to escape.

• Lu Kuang
Vassal of Yuan Shang. Elder brother of Lu Xiang. Lu Kuang surrenders and joins Yuan Tan and receives the General's official seal. However, he changes alliances and delivers it to Cao Cao. He attacks Xin Ye with Lu Xiang, but is killed by the famous general Zhao Yun.

• Lu Wei Kuang
An officer under Yuan Shao. He served as the protector of the provisions depot at Wuchao. However, as his general Chun Yuqiong is always drunk, he is unable to defend the provisions from Cao Cao's surprise attack.

• Lu Xiang
Vassal of Yuan Shang. Younger brother of Lu Kuang. Lu Xiang never acts without his brother. After joining to Cao Cao's army, he fights under Cao Ren and attacks Liu Bei in Xin Ye with his brother but is killed in one swipe by Zhang Fei.

• Shen Pei
Vassal of Yuan Shao. Xun Yu calls Shen Pei, [Headstrong, strategy-weak.] After the death of Yuan Shao, Shen Pei helps Yuan Shang to become heir. He is captured by Cao Cao's forces, but is unrepentant. He is executed facing north, the direction of his lord.

Yuan Shu's Officers
• Chen Ji
Officer under Yuan Shu. He joined the campaign against Lu Bu that ultimately ended in failure. He was later killed by Cao Cao when he invaded Yuan Shu.

• Chen Lan
Vassal of Yuan Shu. Chen Lan joins in the attack of Xu as Second General. When Yuan Shu names himself Emperor, Chen Lan leaves him, and becomes a bandit with Lei Bo. They later attack the weakened Yuan Shu and rob him.

• Ji Ling
Vassal of Yuan Shu. An expert with his War Trident. When Liu Bei attacks, he duels with Guan Yu for a total of thirty passes. On Yuan Shu's command, he attacks Liu Bei, but withdraws his troops as a deal with Lu Bu.

• Lei Bo
Vassal of Yuan Shu. Chen Lan joins in the attack of Xu as Second General. When Yuan Shu names himself Emperor, Chen Lan leaves him,a nd becomes a bandit with Lei Bo. They later attack the weakened Yuan Shu and rob him of his riches.

• Liang Gang
Officer under Yuan Shu. He joined the campaign against Lu Bu as a communications officer, but the campaign ends in failure. Later when Cao Cao invades Yuan Shu, Liang Gang is captured and executed.

• Liu Xun
Yuan Shu's prefect of Lu Jiang. Liu Xun is attacked by Sun Ce, ruler of Jiang Dong, and driven from Lu Jiang. According to the official histories, he becomes an attendant of Cao Cao, to whom he was an acquaintance, but is purged because of his haughty attitude.

• Yuan Yin
Nephew of Yuan Shu. After Yuan Shu's death, Yuan Yin flees to Lu Jiang with Yuan Shu's coffin, defending his wife and children, but is caught, and they are all killed. The Imperial Seal is taken from him at that time and given to Cao Cao.

• Yue Jiu
An officer under Yuan Shu. Was in charge of military communications during the campaign against the Xu Province. When Yuan Shu lost, he was captured by Cao Cao and executed.

The Han Imperial Forces
• He Jin
His sister becomes Empress, allowing him to promiote himself to Commander General. He schemes to sweep away with Ten Eunuchs, but is assassinated by them before he gets a chance.

• Zhu Jun
An officer of the Later Han. He fights against the Yellow Turbans alng with Liu Bei and Sun Jian. As a reward for his efforts, he is presented with a promotion. After the defeat of Dong Zhuo, he, Li Jue and Guo Si serve in the Imperial government.

• Gongsun Zan
He served as the governor of Bei Ping for the Later Han. He studied together with Liu Bei under Lu Zhi. He led an elite army made up of troops from Bai Ma, earning him the nickname the "General of Bai Ma." He displayed his skills in the Yellow Turban campaign but was later defeated by Yuan Shao.

• Huangfu Song
A servant of the Later Han. During the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he defeats Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang with fire attacks, and takes Zhang Jiao's head from his grave, raising it from the remains. For a while, he led a secluded life but after Dong Zhuo's death, he returns to the Imperial Court.

• Yang Feng
Captain of Cavalry in the Later Han Dynasty. Once a vassal of Li Jue, Yang Feng deserts and sets out on his own. He is renowned for helping Emperor Liu Xie escape from Chang An. After losing in a power struggle with Cao Cao, he defects to the side of Yuan Shu.

The Yellow Turbans
• Zhang Jiao
A former government official out of the Ju Lu Territory, he spread his teachings as the founder of the religious sect known as the Way of Peace. He used the turmoil of the land to gather the support of the people. With these supporters, he formed the group known as the Yellow Turbans. Declaring himself the "General of Heaven." He turned against the Han Dynasty, leading the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

The Family
• Zhang Bao
Zhang Jiao's younger brother. Together with Zhang Jiao, he raised troops against the Han Dynasty and started the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Calling himself the "General of the Land", his sorcery on the battlefield held the Allied forces at bay until he was killed by one of his own men.

• Zhang Liang
Zhang Jiao and Zhang Bao's younger brother. Along with his older brothers, he rose up against the Han Dynasty in the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Calling himself the "General of the People", he continued the rebellion after Zhang Jiao's death, but was eventually killed himself by the Imperial Army at Qu Yang.

The Heroes
• Bo Zhang
A Yellow Turban officer. Following sect leader, Zhang Jiao, he rebelled across the land with the rest of the Way of Peace followers in the Yellow Turban Rebellion. He fought with Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun of the Imperial forces at He Nan.

• Cheng Yuanzhi
A Yellow Turban officer. Controlling an army of rebels, he attacks the You Province. He meets Liu Bei's volunteer unit at Da Xing Shan Lu. There he duels with Guan Yu, who in his first battle, kills him in one blow.

• Deng Mao
A Yellow Turban officer. He attacks the You Province together with Cheng Yuanzhi, but is killed in one blow by Zhang Fei of the volunteer army, becoming the first victim of Zhang Fei's Cobra Blade.

• Gao Sheng
A Yellow Turban rebel and general under Zhang Bao. He fights in the Battle of Qu Yang. Liu Bei, who was serving as the vanguard for the Imperial Army, sends out Zhang Fei, who quickly defeats Gao Sheng.

• Guan Hai
A Yellow Turban officer. After the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he leads several tens of thousands of surviving followers and attack Bei Hai. He fights Liu Bei, who arrives as reinforcements, and fights in a duel with Guan Yu. He displays the strength of 10 men, but is still killed in battle.

• He Yi
A Yellow Turban rebel. After the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he led a group of surviving followers and captured Ru Nan. After being caught by Xu Chu, a member of the volunteer army, he is executed by Cao Cao.

• Huang Shao
Yellow Turban. He had since become a bandit who pillages the Ru Nan area, but when Cao Cao invaded to procure rations for his army, he was captured by Li Dian and executed.

• Pei Yuan Shao
A Yellow Turban officer. After the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he became the leader of a group of bandits. He tried to steal Red Hare, but after finding that it belonged to Guan Yu, he gave up trying. He introduced his friend Zhou Cang to Guan Yu.

• Yan Zheng
A Yellow Turban rebel and general under Zhang Bao. Following the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he and Zhu Jun, among others, are attacked by Liu Bei and the Imperial Army, and are forced to fight from the castle in Yang Cheng prefecture. Seeing that the fall of the castle is inevitable, he kills Zhang Bao and surrenders.

• Zang Ba
Zang Ba joins the suppression of the Yellow Turbans as vassal to Tao Qian. He later fights around the country under Lu Bu. In the war against Cao Cao, he allies with brigands to resist and torment Cao Cao. After the fall of Lu Bu, he joins Cao Cao.

• Zhang Man Cheng
A Yellow Turban officer. Following sect leader Zhang Jiao, he rebelled across the land with the rest of the Way of Peace followers in the Yellow Turban Rebellion. He marched to meet Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun of the Imperial Forces in battle on the grounds of Nan Yang.

Liu Zhang's Forces
• Liu Zhang
Liu Zhang was the magistrate of Yi region. Liu Zhang took over rule of Yi Zhou upon death of his father Liu Yan. Menaced by Cao Cao and Zhang Lu to the north, he sought advice from Zhang Song as well as military assistance from Liu Bei. He relied on Liu Bei to ward off threats from Zhang Lu, but the plan took an unexpected twist; Liu Bei attacked Liu Zhang. To avoid misery for his people, he surrendered to Liu Bei.

The Heroes
• Deng Xian
Officer of Liu Zhang. He warns Liu Zhang against Liu Bei. When, on Pang Tong's orders, Wei Yan attempts to attack Liu Zhang using a sword dance as cover, he and Zhang Ren prevent it.

• Fei Guan
Brother of the wife of Yi Prefect Liu Zhang. After Liu Bei takes Luo Castle, Fei Guan lies in wait for him at Mian Zhu. He sends Li Yan to engage, but he is captured. Later, it would be Li Yan that convinces Fei Guan to surrender to Liu Bei.

• Gao Pei
Vassal of Liu Zhang. Gao Pei is entrusted with the defense of Po Shui Guan with Yang Huai. His plot to assassinate Liu Bei is discovered by Liu Bei's warlord, and he is drawn into a trap himself and executed.

• Leng Bao
Officer under Liu Zhang. Together with Deng Xian, he opposed the attack of Liu Bei's officers Huang Zhang and Wei Yan. He is captured once but escapes by pretending to surrender. When captured again, he is killed.

• Liu Han
An officer under Liu Zhang. He stands up to Liu Bei's invasion of Cheng Du. He holds the castle against Liu Bei, but is betrayed by his own side and the castle is lost.

• Yang Huai
Vassal of Liu Zhang. Governor General of Bai Shui Guan. Yang Huai plots with his colleague Gao Pei to kill Liu Bei. But the plot is discovered before its completion, and he is captured and executed by Liu Bei.

• Zhang Ren
An officer of Liu Zhang. He kills Liu Bei's officer Pang Tong at Lao Feng Po. He is later captured but refuses to submit to Liu Bei, saying "A man cannot serve two masters". He chooses death.

Liu Biao's Forces
• Liu Biao
Liu Biao was the governor of the Jing region and one of the famous warriors mentioned in the poem, "Eight Worthies of Jiang Xia". Liu Biao battled Sun Jian at Yuan Shao's request, but succumbed to defeat at the hands of Sun Jian's inferior forces. However, through Kuai Liang's strategies, Liu Biao killed Sun Jian. He then strengthened his home base in Jing Zhou, where he sheltered Liu Bei. He was a popular character; his skills included the ability to recruit soldiers as they fled the fighting in central China. By ceaseless indecision, he let countless opportunities slip away. Both Yuan Shao and Cao Cao sought him as an ally, but Liu Biao refused to unite with either side. As Cao Cao's army approached Jing Zhou, Liu Biao became ill and passed protectorship of Liu Qui, his eldest son, to Liu Bei just before he died.

The Oldest Son
• Liu Qi
Liu Biao's oldest son. With his stepmother after his life in order to allow his younger brother to succeed the throne, he received advice from Zhuge Liang which allows him to escape from danger. He later went on the be the governor of Jing.

The Heroes
• Cai Mao
An officer under Liu Biao. Comes from a noble family in Jing. Is the younger brother of Liu Biao's second wife. His plot to assassinate Liu Bei in order to make Liu Cong successor ends in failure. He excels as a naval commander.

• Chen Sheng
An officer under Liu Biao. General of Xiang Yang, he joined Huang Zu in the battle between Jing's Liu Biao and Wu's Sun Jian, he takes the field to help Zhang Hu and is shot with an arrow by Sun Jian's son, Sun Ce.

• Huang Zu
Officer of Liu Baio. Defends Jiang Xia, but is defeated by Sun Jian. He blames the defeat on Gan Ning's pirate background, causing Gan Ning to flee to Wu. He is later killed by that same GanNing, who had become a Wu officer.

• Kuai Liang
A vassal of Liu Biao and older brother of Kuai Yue. He served as an advisor to Liu Biao. When Sun Jian attacked Jing he told Lu Gong the plan that enabled them to trap and kill Sun Jian.

• Lu Gong
Officer under Liu Biao. He serves as the envoy who requested aid from Yuan Shao when Liu Biao was surrounded by sun Jian's armies. Following Kuai Liang's plan, he succeeds in luring Sun Jian into an ambush.

• Zhang Hu
Officer under Liu Biao. General of Jiang Xia, he joined Huang Zu in the battle between Jing's Liu Biao and Wu's Sun Jian. He duels with Sun Jian's officer Han Dang and after a long battle, is defeated.

Huang Zu's Officers
• Chen Jiu
Officer under Huang Zu. Was in charge of the advance fleet when Sun Quan led a naval attack against Huan Zu, but was slain by Wu's advance fleet commander Lu Meng.

• Deng Long
Officer under Huang Zu. Was in charge of the advance fleet along with Chen Jiu when Sun Quan led a naval attack against Huang Zu, but was slain by Gan Ning.

• Su Fei
Vassal of Huang Zu. Governor General of Jiang Xia. Su Fei allows Gan Ning the opportunity to move to another kingdom when he is not fully trusted because of his past as a brigand. Later, when Su Fei is captured by Sun Quan's army, his life is spared by Gan Ning, who had joined Sun Quan.

Han Sui's forces
• Han Sui
The ruler of the Xi Province. After his stepbrother Ma Teng is killed by Cao Cao, he enlists Teng's son Ma Chao to serve him. However, when later tempted to join Cao Cao, his left arm is cut off by the enraged Ma Chao.

The Riders
• Cheng Yi
One of Han Sui's Eight Riders. Together with Ma Chao, he takes Chang An, but is surrounded by the enemy and killed by Xiahou Yuan.

• Cheng Yin
One of the Eight Riders of Han Sui. Together with Ma Chao's army, he forces the surrender of Chang An. Later, he fights with Cao Cao at Wei Nanm but is killed along with his companion, Zhang Heng.

• Hou Xuan
One of Han Sui's Eigh Riders. Together with Ma Chao, he takes Chang An. After Ma Chao turns against them, he manages to escape and goes to serve Cao Cao.

• Li Kan
One of Han Sui's Eight Riders. He escapes after Ma Chao attacks Han Sui's camp following their split. He takes an arrow from Yu Jin meant for Ma Chao and dies.

• Yang Qiu
One of Han Sui's Eight Riders. Sent to Cao Cao as an envoy for peace, but after the split between Han and Ma Chao, he was once again sent to Cao Cao, this time offering surrender.

The Smaller Forces
• Cai Wengi
Revered queen, Cai Wengi learned the art of magic from a foreign magician. Her powers match those of Zhuge Liang and Himiko.

• Cheng Heng
Officer of Liu Yong. Defended Mo Ling with Xue Li and Zhang Ying. During an enemy ambush, he was shot and killed by Sun Ce's officer Jiang Qin.

• Fan Neng
An officer of Liu Yong. He chases Sun Ce, who had captured his friend Yu Mi, but as he thrusts with his spear, Sun Ce's shout knocks him from his horse and he dies.

• Han Xian
General of the White Wave Clan of He Dong Jun. Han Xian defends Emperor Xian on his way to Luo Yang with Dong Cheng and Yang Feng. However, fearing Cao Cao's power, he turns against Cao Cao. He is later killed by Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

• Hu Che Er
Considered the greatest warrior of the Zhang Xiu army. Of foreign (non-Chinese) origins. During the attack on Cao Cao at Wan Castle, he stole Dian Wei's weapon, insuring the success of the surprise attack.

• Li Feng
A vassal of Shu. Son of Li Yan.. When his father fails in delivering provisions and is dismissed, Li Feng takes his father's place as Vice-minister and is responsible for stocking provisions.

• Liu Ye
Subject of Wei. Liu Ye joins Wei by Guo Jia's recommendation. He designs the catapults used in the war against Yuan Shao, by which they succeed in driving back the enemy's assaults from towers. He serves three Cao rulers, and makes many proposals. Middle counselor of Wei.

• Liu Yong
The governor of Yang. From the same homeland as Taishi Ci, he enlists Ci's service, but is unable to use him properly. He is invaded by Sun Ce and defeated, fleeing to Yu Zhang.

• Xin Ping
Vassal of Han Fu. After Han Fu flees, Xin Ping serves the Yuan family, and is active as Yuan Tan's tactician. When he meets Cao Cao as an envoy, he is invited to become Cao Cao's vassal, but firmly refuses.

• Xue Li
An officer under Yang Province Governor Liu Yong. He, Zhang Ying and Chen Ying were guarding Mo Ling when Sun Ce invaded Yang, but he was lured into an ambush by the young warrior, and slain.

• Xun Chen
Together with Han Fu, he managed to persuade the governor of Ji to give his land to Yuan Shao, whom he later went on to serve Yuan Shao. He approves of Yuan's plans to defeat Cao Cao and participates in the campaign. According to history, he was the younger brother of Xun Yu.

• Yan Bai Hu
A bandit from the Wu Territory. Calls himself the "Benevolent King of the East Wu". Shot by Sun Ce, he turns to Wang Lang of Hui Ji for help but is defeated once again. He flees again, but is killed by Dong Xi, who offers his head to Sun Ce.

• Yan Yu
Younger brother of Yan Bai Hu. He serves as a peace envoy when Sun Ce invades his brother's lands. He suggests dividing Jiang Dong between them at the negotiation table, but is killed by Sun Ce.

• Yu Mi
Officer of Liu Yong. He fights the invading Sun Ce, but is captured in less than three passes. With his head trapped by Sun Ce's arm, he is strangled to death as Ce return to camp.

• Zhang Lu
Founder of the Five Bushels Sect. Zhang Lu establishes a force throughout the area of Han Zhong Jun. he is sent to flight by Cao Cao's army, but is praised for not having burned the granaries. After his surrender, he receives the position of Second General of the South.

• Zhang Xiu
Nephew of Zhang Ji. Following his uncle's death, he leads his army to aid Liu Biao. At one point, he joins Cao Cao, but rebels when his uncle's wife is taken. Later, following the advice of Jia Xu, he returns to Cao Cao.

• Zhang Ying
Officer of Liu Yong. He boasts he can defend Niu Zhu with a sungle unit against the invasion of Sun Ce but is defeated. He is later killed at Mo Ling by Sun Ce's Chen Wu.

• Zhang Xin
The governor of Hui Ji and an officer of Wang Lang. he aids Wang Lang's fight against Taishi Ci, but is struck from behind and forced Yan Bai Hu in pursuit of the enemy, but is caught in a trap and killed.

The Legends
• Fu Xi
Fu Xi is the first of three noble emperors, the San Huang, in Chinese mythology. According to folklore he ruled from 2952 to 2836 BC (116 years) or from 2852 to 2737 BC (115 years).Fu Xi taught mankind arts, such as fishing, the breeding of silk worms, and taming wild animals. He also invented music, and, most importantly, the eight trigrams, which are said to be the basis of all Chinese writing. Also attributed to him is the invention of casting oracles by the use of yarrow stalks. Fu Xi is also said to have invented the one hundred Chinese family names, and ordered that marriages may only take place between persons bearing different family names.Fu Xi is represented as a human being with the body of a snake. He's married to his sister Nu Wa, the creation Goddess. In Taoist temples he is usually portrayed holding a panel on which the eight trigrams are inscribed. They represent the heavens.

• Nu Wa
Nu Wa is the Chinese creation goddess, who created the first humans from the yellow earth, after Heaven and Earth had separated. Since this process was too tedious and time-consuming she dipped a rope into mud and then swung it about her. Soon the earth around her was covered with lumps of mud. The handmade figurines became the wealthy and the noble; those that arose from the splashes of mud were the poor and the common.Nu Wa is one of the most popular goddesses in Chinese custom. And she is worshipped both as the intermediary between men and women, and as the goddess who grants children. She invented the whistle, instituted marriage and instructed mankind in the art of building dams and channels for irrigation. Nu Wa is also credited with the restoration of the universe after it had been devastated by the monster Gong Gong. One particular myth tells us that at a certain time, the cardinal points where no longer in the proper place, exposing the nine realms. Nu Wa melted coloured stones to mend the azure skies, cut off the legs of a turtle to support the cardinal points, and slew a black dragon to save the land of the Qi. Another myth states that beyond the northwesters ocean there live ten ghosts who were fashioned from Nu Wa's bowels.

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