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The Absolute Ruler
• Cao Cao
He was the absolute ruler of the Northern part of 3rd century China. His empire relied on the enormous power of their military which existed of mixture of Chinese and non-chinese. The Wei conquered the empire of Shu but was ultimately overthrown a great military leader named Sima Yan.

The Five Generals
• Zhang Liao
A close friend to Guan Yu. He first served under Lu Bu but surrendered to Cao Cao upon Liu Bei and Guan Yu's insistence. He persuaded Guan Yu to surrender to Cao Cao, in order to protect his sister-in-laws. Zhang Liao was very active in the war against Wu. The terrible slaughter at Chaoyao Ford put such fear into the minds of the people of the South Land that the name of Zhang Liao kept the very children quiet at night. Chang Liao was wounded by an arrow in the loins while protecting Cao Pi against Wu. He returned to Xu Chang, where he died from the effects of the wound.

• Xu Huang
He served as an important part of the Wei forces. A wise and valiant general. Cao Cao labelled him ‘A match for Sun Tzu!’ after his victory over the army of Guan Yu at Fan Castle.

• Zhang He
Originally under Yuan Shao, Zhang He turned his allegiance to Cao Cao with Gao Lan. He broke Ma Xu at the battle of Jie Ting and defeated Zhuge Liang's northern campaigns.

• Yu Jin
A brave general serving Cao Cao since he first raised his army. Cao Cao was very impressed with his coolness. He surrenders while defending Fan Castle after being defeated by Guan Yu. Sun Quan sends him back to Wei, but he is disgraced and dies of illness.

• Yue Jin
A general under Cao Cao. He showed tremendous skill during his many battles and was revered as one of Wei’s Five Generals, who included the likes as Zhang Liao, Yu Jin, Xu Huang and Zhang He.

The Bodyguards
• Dian Wei
The bravest officer of Cao Cao; Xiahou Dun described him as "the boldest of the bold, the strongest of the strong." His nickname was "Evil Comes." He was one of Chang Ho's men, but quarreled with his tent companions and killed many of them with his fists. He then fled to the mountains where Xiahou Dun persuaded him to join his troop. Together with Xu Zhu, they form Cao Cao's Tiger Guard. He was attacked at night by Zhang Xiu. Caught off guard and drunk, he managed to put up a fight. Using only an infantry's sword, he managed to allow for Cao Cao's escape. However, without his trusty spear, Zhang Xiu's men had little to fear of the general, and Dian Wei was surrounded and killed.

• Xu Chu
He was noticed by Cao Cao for holding his own against Cao Cao's champion, Dian Wei, in personal combat. Xu Zhu and Dian Wei then became head of Cao Cao's personal bodyguards, the Tiger Guards. He was a brave warrior who gained the sobriquet, "Marquis Tiger" or "crazy tiger" for his exceptional exploits.

The Strategists
• Sima Yi
Sima Yi helped four generations of the Cao family and established the Jin Dynasty. He was a master of defense against Shu. When Zhuge Liang launched his northern campaigns, Sima Yi tightened Wei’s defenses and managed to fend off Zhuge Liang’s persistent attacks. He was Zhuge Liang’s rival on the field. Although Zhuge Liang proved himself as the better strategist, Sima Yi could see through his schemes. His grandson established the new Jin Dynasty, which eventually conquered the Wu and Shu kingdoms

• Cheng Yu
A servant of Cao Cao. A large man with a strong constitution, he serves Cao Cao at the recommendation of Xun Yu, contributing as strategist.

• Jia Kui
Vassal of Wei.In the battle against Wu, he joins Cao Xiu as strategist and sees through Zhou Fang’s fake defection.

Guo Jia
Recommended by Cheng Yu, he was invited to join Cao Cao's side. He was a fellow villager of Xun Yu. As an aid-de-camp to Cao Cao, he was always accurate in his judgments. He knew all the histories and war was no mystery to him. After He Bei was pacified, he became gravely ill and died at the young age of thirty-eight. After the battle at Red Wall, Cao Cao commented that if Guo Jia was alive, he would not have suffered this loss.

• Jia Xu
He was active as strategist to Li Ju and Zhang Xiu. Later he joined Zhang Xiu in pledging allegiance to Cao Cao. After Cao Pi ascended to power, he became an officer of Wei.

• Xun Yu
Formerly under the service of Yuan Shao, Xun Yu offered his services to Cao Cao. Cao Cao was rejoiced when he won the services of Xun Yu saying he was his teacher. Xun Yu immediately recommended his friend Cheng Yu. Working together with his nephew Xun You, he eventually became Cao Cao's chief of staff. He was a wise man praised by Cao Cao as "my Zhang Liang," a famous tactician. He opposed Cao Cao's promotion to "Duke of Wei," and Cao Cao took it to mean that Xun Yu would not aid nor support him. Later Cao Cao ordered Xun Yu to march against Wu. Xun Yu understood from this that Cao Cao wished his death. While he was at home, he received an empty box from Cao Cao. Xun Yu understood its meaning; he took poison and died. He was fifty-two. Cao Cao mourned his death.

The Children
• Cao Ang
Oldest son of Cao Cao. When Wan Castle is attacked by Zhang Xiu, this dutiful son gives Cao Cao his horse to escape. Because of this, he is unable to escape himself and dies in battle.

• Cao Pi
He is the second son of Cao Cao. Cao Pi was a ruthless warrior and a learned man. After his brother Cao Ang's death, Cao Pi defeated Cao Zhi, his brother, in a contest and became heir apparent. After Cao Cao's death, Cao Pi became the first emperor of the Wei Dynasty under the title Emperor Wen. He forced Emperor Xian to enter a monastery and became the first emperor of Wei. Then in 200, he founded the northern country of Wei, one of the three kingdoms. With his tactician Sima Yi, he attempted to unite all of China under Wei. Cao Pi died in 226.

• Cao Zhang
Cao Cao’s third son. A brave general said to have killed wild beast with his bare hands. He saved his father Cao Cao from his pursuers during the assault on Han Zhong.

• Zhen Ji
A woman of peerless beauty. She was married to Yuan Shao’s second son Yuan Xi. However when Cao Cao captured the Ji Province, his son Cao Pi, fell in love with her at first sight and immediately made her his wife.

The Mighty
• Cao Ren
Cao Ren is the cousin of Cao Cao and the grand minister of war for Wei. He was a martial artist skilled in archery and horsemanship. Cao Ren was active in the defense of Jing region after the Battle of Red Wall.

• Cao Hong
One of Cao Cao’s brothers. Together with Cao Ren he participated in raising Cao Cao’s army. As a member of the Wei Forces, he fought across the land for his brother. After Cao Pi ascended the throne, he worked his way up to Chief General of the Guard and Cavalry.

• Sima Zhao
A vassal of Wei, and second son of Sima Yi. With his older brother, Sima Shi, he wields political power. Following his brother’s death, he is made Supreme Commander. After Shu is subdued, he is named King of Jin.

• Himiko
Sorceress serving under Cao Cao. A childish young woman with a pure and honest heart. Although her temper cannot be controlled if she loses it. Himiko is not to be underestimated.

The Heroes
• Xiahou Dun
He was the general of Wei. When fighting against Lu Bu in personal combat, he was struck by one of Cao Xing's arrow and lost his left eye. Refusing to let the enemy have a part of him, he pulled out the arrow with the eye and swallowed it. He was relied on heavily by Cao Cao and was called the "one-eyed brave warrior".

• Li Dian
A veteran general who has been with Cao Cao since the beginning. Together with Zhang Liao and Yue Jin he served in the defense of He Fei.

• Han Fu
Prefect of Luo Yang. As Guan Yu was escaping from Cao Cao to He Bei, Han Fu was guarding one of the gates that he needed to pass. Han Fu shot an arrow through Guan Yu’s left arm, but was soon chased down and slain.

• Pang De
A Wei officer. He served Ma Chao, but was captured during Cao Cao’s attack on Han Zhong and joined Wei. At Fan Castle he fought to a match with Guan Yu and showed his resolve, even going as far to prepare his own coffin when going to battle.

• Xiahou Yuan
A Wei officer and brother to Xiahou Dun. He worked with Cao Cao from the beginning, bearing one wing of Cao Cao’s newly formed army. Famous for his lightning fast attacks, he had a long list of accomplishments including defeating Ma Chao. However at the battle of Mt. Ding Yun, he was drawn out by a Shu general and killed by Huang Zhong.

• Han Hao
Wei Officer. Originally under Yuan Shu but joined Cao Cao after Xiahou Dun’s invitation. He advised Cao Cao on the importance of the military helping people in the fields.

• Cao Xiu
Nephew of Cao Cao, brilliant archer. Served Cao Pi, Cao Rui after Cao Cao’s death. He is fooled by Zhou Fang’s fake defection and loses many troops. His health fails due to embarrassment and he dies.

• Cao Zhen
Nephew of Cao Cao. He leads the army against Zhuge Liang’s campaigns and is soundly defeated. He is taunted in a letter and dies of indignation.

• Cao An Min
Nephew of Cao Cao. During Cao Cao’s brief stay at Wan Castle he introduces him to the wife of the castle’s former Lord. This leads to Zhang Xiu’s surprise attack, where Cao An Min fails to escape and is killed.

• Cao Bu
Cao Cao's uncle, Cao Bu serves Cao Cao with a desire to reunite the Cao family. He holds a very important secret.

• Deng Ai
Deng Ai's was Wei's general for the west. He was rewarded the title "General Who Pacifies the West." Deng Ai was successful against Shu's Jiang Wei, but opposed Zhong Hui of Wei. He was captured and sent to Luo Yang and killed en route.

• Man Chong
A vassal of Wei. He convinces Yang Feng’s officer, Xu Huang, to join Cao Cao. He advises Cao Ren to defend Fan Castle when attacked buy Guan Yu, he succeeds in repelling Guan Yu.

• Hu Zhi
Officer of Wei and Warlord of Dong Guan. When Wu’s Zhou Fang defected, on ordersfrom general Mai Kui, he and Man Chong headed to the eastern Gate to reinforce Cao Xiu.

• Xiahou Ba
Eldest son of Xiahou Yuan. He has a tendency to become over-anxious in battle due to his respect and will to be like his father.

• Xiahou De
Nephew of Xiahou Dun and older brother of Xiahou Shang. He defended Mt. Tian Dang from attack, but after Shu’s Yan Yan sets it on fire, he is killed while trying to put out the flames.

• Xiahou En
Cao Cao’s close associate, he held two of Cao Cao’s most valued swords, the ‘Luminous Sword’ and the ‘Sword of Trust’. He was killed on the slopes of Chan Ban by Zhao Yun, who made off with the ‘Sword of Trust’.

• Xiahou Shang
Nephew of Xiahou Dun. Is taken prisoner at the battle of Mt. Ding Jun, but is returned home after being traded for Chen Shi. He later attacks Wu while serving Cao Zhen, but is defeated before Lu Xun.

• Dong Xuanfeng
Female assassin commanded by Yu Jin. Dong Xuanfeng has had over 100 successful assassinations.

• Xi Xuanfeng
Female assassin commanded by Yu Jin. Xi Xuanfeng was born of half foreign blood and has mastered a variety of weapons.

• Zhu Ling
Officer of Wei. Assigned as an observer during the campaign against Yuan Shu. He is unable to fulfil his assignment. He is said to have been disliked by Cao Cao.

• Bao Long
A vassal of Zhao Fan. Central Commander of Gui Yang. Bao Long is famous for an episode where he shoots and kills two tigers. He fakes surrender to Zhao Yun who attacks Gui Yang Jun, but is detected and is decapitated.

• Bian Xi
Member of the Yellow Turbans. Master with his Shooting Star. Bian Xi later serves Cao Cao and defends Yi Shu Han. He lays an ambush at Zhen Guo Temple to kill Guan Yu on his Solitary Journey. However, when Pu Jing, the priest of the temple, reports it to Guan Yu, Bian Xi is killed.

• Chen Ying
An officer under Zhou Fan. A former hunter who used throwing weapons. He fought against Zhao Yun and lost, after which he would surrender together with his lord. He would later be slain by Zhao Yun for treachery.

• Gong Zhi
Assistant Lieutenant Governor to Jin Xuan. Prefect of Wu Ling. When attacked by Zhang Fei, Gong Zhi recommends surrender, but is ignored. When Jin Xuan is defeated by Zhang Fei and retreats, Gong Zhi beheads him and surrenders. He then becomes Prefect of Wu Ling.

• Han Xuan
Prefect of Chang Sha. When Huang Zhong, his vassal, refrains from shooting Guan Yu, Han Xuan suspects him of betrayal and attempts to kill him. Before he is able to carry out the execution, Wei Yan kills him. Han Xuan is known for his short temper.

• Hu Ban
Assistant Lieutenant Governor under Wang Zhi. When Hu Ban is ordered to kill Guan Yu with a fire attack when he is going to meet Liu Bei, Hu Ban instead lets him go. He later goes to Jing with Guan Yu’s help, and becomes a vassal of Liu Bei.

• Jin Xuan
Prefect of Wu Ling. When Zhang Fei attacks, Jin Xuan ignores the advice of his vassal, Gong Zhi, to hold back, and instead takes the field. When he is defeated by Zhang Fei and returns to the castle, he is shot and killed by Gong Zhi.

• Kong Xiu
Wei officer placed in charge of Dong Ling Gate. He attempted to stop Guan Yu from leaving Wei, but was instantly slain.

• Liu Du
Prefect of Ling Ling. Liu Du sends his son Liu Xian and Xing Daorong to battle when he is attacked by Liu Bei. He surrenders when Liu Xian is defeated, but is allowed to continue in his post as prefect.

• Liu Xian
Son of Liu Du, the Governor of Ling Ling. Liu Xian fights against Liu Bei’s army, and is taken alive by Zhang Fei. He is released on condition that he persuades his father to join Liu Bei. He keeps his promise and is allowed to serve Liu Bei.

• Ma Zun
General of Wei. Governor of Tian Shu. Ma Zun defeats Shu Han army, following a strategy of Jiang Wei. But when Jiang Wei falls victim to a scheme by Zhuge Liang and betrays his master, and his vassal Yi Shang joins by opening the gate to the enemy, he flees to Hu.

• Qin Qi
Xiahou Dun’s officer. Protected the fifth gate that led to the Yellow River from Cao Cao’s palace. He was the last officer that attempted to stop Guan Yu from escaping, but was obviously no match from the great general.

• Wang Lang
A vassal of Wei, formerly of the Later Han. He later serves Cao Cao, and presses the Emperor to abdicate. At the Battle of Wei Shui, he tries to debate with Zhuge Liang, but is utterly defeated and dies in shame and frustration.

• Wang Zhi
Prefect of Xing Yang. When Han Fu, the prefect of Luo Yang was slain by Guan Yu, he sought revenge by attempting an assassination. However, his retainer Hu Ban allowed Guan Yu to escape. Wang Zhi furiously pursued Guan Yu, but in the end was slain by his hand.

• Xiahou He
General of Wei. Fourth son of Xiahou Yuan. Xiahou He is eloquent and a skilled tactician. He serves as Grand Marshal under Sima Yi, opposing the Shu Han forces led by Zhuge Liang.

• Xiahou Hui
General of Wei. Third son of Xiahou Yuan. From his youth, Xiahou Hui is skilled at writing. He serves as Grand Marshal with his younger brother Xiahou He, fighting on the front against Shu Han.

• Xiahou Mao
General of Wei. Xiahou Mao is the son of Xiahou Yuan and is adopted by Xiahou Dun (in the official histories he is Dun’s true son). He meets the advance of Shu Han forces, but is no match for his opponients. He flees to Hu and never returns.

• Xiahou Wei
General of Wei. Second son of Xiahou Yuan. On Sima Yi’s recommendation, Xiahou Wei takes the lead in the war against Shu Han with his eldest brother Xiahou Ba, where they fight Zhuge Liang. He later joins in the war to stop Gongsun Yuan.

• Xin Pi
A vassal of Wei and brother to Xin Ping. Serves the Yuan family until its demise. He later joins Cao Cao. At Wu Zhang Plains, he delivers an Imperial decree to the Wei forces that are lined up against Zhuge Liang, stopping the army from attacking prematurely.

• Xing Daorong
Vassal of Liu Du. Xing Daorong opposes Liu Bei, and surrenders when he is unable to match Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun. After he is released, he again attacks Liu Bei, but Zhao Yun knocks him from his horse with a single deadly blow.

• Xu Shu
A disciple of Sima Hui. An expert swordsman. He first serves as strategist for Liu Bei, but when his mother is kidnapped by Cao Cao, he is forced to leave Liu Bei’s side. He recommends Zhuge Liang to as his successor and departed for Wei, where his devotion to Liu Bei prevented him from ever being a useful officer under Cao Cao.

• Xun You
A servant of Cao Cao and nephew of Xun Yu. Raised on the battlefield, he was able to give many points of advice. At the Battle of Chi Bi, he serves along with Cheng Yu.

• Yang Ling
Officer of Chang Sha Prefect Han Xuan. After the Battle of Chi Bi, Liu Bei begins a campaign to take the Jing Province and sends Guan Yu to Chang Sha. Yang Ling stops Huang Zhong from striking out and fights Guan Yu in his place, but he is instantly slain.

• Yang Xiu
A Wei vassal and the son of Captain Yang Biao of the Later Han. Although talented, he is neglected by Cao Cao. It’s said that this was due to the fact that he was Yuan Shao’s nephew, or that perhaps because it had been suggested by Cao Zhi.

• Zhang Pu
Officer of Wei. He leads the attack at You Ting, and opposes Xu Sheng but is driven back. Later, he is positioned to the south, where he meets Zhu Huan. He is killed before he realizes Zhu Huan is the enemy.

• Zhao Fan
Prefect of Gui Yang. After the Battle of Chi Bi, Zhao Fan loses Gui Yang to Zhao Yun. He incurs Zhao Yun’s wrath when he talks of marrying Zhao Yun’s widowed sister-in-law, Lady Fan.

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