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The Sun Family
• Sun Jian
Sun Jian believed he was a descendant of the great war strategist Sun Zi. He joined in the vanguard against Dong Zhou as magistrate of Chang Sha. Though he suffered one retreat due to lack of food, his success in the battlefield soon attained impressive stature. He was the only general whom Dong Zhou truly feared. Although his record of success was never tarnished, he died in battle against Liu Biao at Xiang Yang at a young age of thirty-seven. While in the ruins of Loyang, he found the Hereditary Seal discarded in a well. Within 24 hours of giving his son, Sun Ce, the Seal, Sun Jian died.

• Sun Ce
Sun Ce was the oldest son of Sun Jian. He became ruler at the age of seventeen, after his father’s death. Sun Ce pawned the Hereditary Seal, inherited from his father, for a loan of troops from Yuan Shu. With these troops, he then conquered new territory. Sun Ce was very skilled in martial strategies, but his offensives were ruthless. After pacifying Jiang Dong, he gained the odd title of “Little Hegemony”. In the year 200, he was attacked by assassins and later died of the wounds. He was only twenty-six.

• Sun Quan
Sun Quan was the second son of Sun Jian and brother of Sun Ce. His father Sun Jian laid the foundation, his elder brother Sun Ce expanded it, and Sun Quan kept it intact. He became ruler of Jiang Dong at his dying brother Sun Ce’s behest when Sun Quan was a mere nineteen years old. He was a man with prominent features, having a square jaw, large mouth, and blue eyes. He had many talented men under him, including Zhou Yu, Lu Su, Zhuge Jin, Taishi Ci, Gan Ning and others. Sun Quan searched for many talented men, and just as Sun Ce enlisted the help of Zhou Yu, Sun Quan enlisted Lu Su. With the military talent that Sun Quan gathered, he was able to establish one of the kingdoms that gave the Three Kingdoms period its name. He was praised as the only one of his illustrious family with the character to ascend to that rank. Sun Quan far outlived both Sun Jian and Sun Ce, and the Wu kingdom was the last of the three kingdoms to fall.

• Sun Shang Xiang
The daughter of the Sun clan. She is the younger sister of both Sun Ce and Sun Quan. A somewhat manly woman, she took interest in the martial arts from a young age. She later became Liu Bei’s wife, but it is said that her ladies-in-waiting were constantly outside her room, dressed in full armour.

The Veterans
• Huang Gai
Huang Gai was a veteran general from the time Sun Jian raised his troops through Sun Quan's reign. He was a loyal warrior and the wielder of the Iron Whip.At the battle of Red Wall, he executed the Bitter Meat Plan that led Wu to victory. In the plan, he was severely beaten by Zhou Yu and pretended to desert to Cao Cao. On the fateful morning, he brought his ships and "deserted men" and rammed Cao Cao's chained fleet, setting the ships ablaze.

• Han Dang
A Wu officer and veteran general who served three generations of the Sun family. He participated in numerous battles, including the Battle of Chi Bi, the campaign against Guan Yu, and the Battle of Yi Ling, serving as an important piece of the Wu navy. At Chi Bi, he rescued Huang Gai, who had fallen overboard after being hit by an arrow.

• Cheng Pu
An officer of Wu. A master with his Serpent Spear, he was a battle-hardened veteran who served three generations of the Sun family. He was often referred to as “Master Cheng” by the other generals. He served as Lieutenant Commander at the Battle of Chi Bi, teaming with Commander Zhou Yu to defeat Cao Cao at Jiang Chang.

• Zhu Zhi
A Wu officer. He served three generations of the Sun family. He is the one who suggests to Sun Ce to borrow troops from Yuan Shu in order to gain their independence. He is made warlord of the Wu Territory and serves at the Battle of Chi Bi.

• Ding Feng
A Wu officer who served from the time of Sun Quan. In his first battle, he showed excellent skill, including the defeat of Zhang Liao. Serving Wu for more than 70 years, he was promoted as high as Commander General.

The Strategists
• Zhou Yu
Being close friends with Sun Ce, Sun Ce recruited Zhou Yu. He swore an oath of brotherhood with Sun Ce and he married Xiao Qiao, a sister of Sun Ce’s wife. Upon Sun Ce’s death, any doubts on outer affairs, the new ruler Sun Quan was to consult Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu recommended Lu Su to Sun Quan, and after his death, he appointed Lu Su to be his successor, as Commander-in-Chief. At the Battle of Red Wall, Zhou Yu was the Commander in Chief of the army of Wu. During the battle, he used Huang Gai’s strategy to attack with fire and complete gained victory over Cao Cao’s hundred legions. Zhou Yu was a famous fighter nicknamed “the beautiful warrior Zhou.” Despite his abilities, he was never able to outwit Shu’s advisor, Zhuge Liang. Even when they were both allies against Cao Cao, Zhou Yu arboured plots rid himself of Zhuge Liang. Wounded by an arrow in battle, anger would reopen his wound. Zhuge Liang provoked him to anger three times, eventually causing Zhou Yu’s death. His last words were, “O God, since thou madest me; why didst thou also create Liang?”. He died at a young age of thirty-six. Zhuge Liang himself paid a visit of condolence after his death.

• Lu Xun
Lu Xun was originally named Lu Yi and was a native of Wu County in Wu. Lu Xun achieved note by being recommended to Sun Quan by Lu Su and Han Ze. He was active in the campaign against Guan Yu and the Battle of Yi Jing to capture Jing Zhou. After Lu Meng's death, he led Wu's troops as Commander-in-Chief. He was also responsible for repelling Liu Bei's attack on Wu.

The Sisters
• Da Qiao
The daughter of Qiao Xuan. She later married Sun Ce of the Wu Kingdom. Together with her younger sister, Xiao Qiao, they were known as two of the world’s great beauties and referred to as the “Two Qiaos”. It is said that their beauty shone brighter than any moon or star and put the most beautiful flower to shame.

• Xiao Qiao
The daughter of Qiao Xuan. She later married Zhou Yu of Wu. Together with her older sister, Da Qiao, they were referred to as the “Two Qiaos”. Upon hearing a rumor by Zhuge Liang that Cao Cao was after the Qiao sisters, Zhou Yu proposed a war to Sun Quan, effectively drawing the Wu Kingdom into the Battle of Chi Bi.

The Warriors
• Taishi Ci
With Liu Bei, Taishi Ci saved Kong Rong when he was beset by the remnants of the Yellow Turban rebels. He served Liu Yong for many years and later served Sun Ce. Taishi Ci tried to capture the attacking Sun Ce in combat. Taishi Ci only succeeded in capturing Sun Ce's helmet while Sun Ce seized the short lance on Taishi Ci's back. The next morning, a challenge was issued. Sun Ce hung the short lance at the end of his spear and shouted, "If the owner of this had not fled he would have been stabbed to death." Taishi Ci hung Sun Ce's helmet and shouted "Sun Ce's head is here already." Later he was captured by Sun Ce and Taishi Ci formally surrendered.Taishi Ci was active in the struggle against Cao Cao. After the battle at Red Wall, Wei and Wu continued to fight. When Taishi Ci's plot to assassinate Zhang Liao failed, Zhang Liao countered with a ruse of his own. Taishi Ci fell for the plot and was consequently wounded in may places. He was only forty-one.

• Gan Ning
Gan Ning was a subordinate of Huang Zu, but was not very trusted and turned his allegiance to Wu as part of a plan with Su Fei. He was active in campaigns against Wei as one of Wu's fiercest officers. His nickname was "Silk-Sailed Pirate." When the Liu Bei attacked Wu, Gan Ning, though sick, he went to battle. However, his army met some Man soldiers led by Prince Shamoke. The soldiers attacked, and Gan Ning fled. As he fled, he was struck in the head by Prince Shamoke's arrow. Wounded as he was, he rode on until he escaped. He dismounted and sat under a tree, where he died.

• Zhou Tai
Officer of Wu. Zhou Tai joins Sun Ce with his former comrade in piracy, Jiang Qin. Despite a serious injury, he succeeds in rescuing Sun Quan when Xuan Cheng is attacked by bandits. At the Battle of Yi Ling, he kills the barbarian general, Shamoke.

• Jiang Qin
A Wu officer. He received high praise together with Zhou Tai while under Sun Ce. During the Southern campaign, he led the invasion, but suffered a great defeat, which almost led to his execution. In the campaign against Guan Yu, he controlled the naval forces and surrounded him.

• Zhuge Jin
Zhuge Jin was the older brother of Zhuge Liang. He first saw service on the recommendation of Lu Su. He worked to smooth relations between Shu and Wu. He was a loyal minister, highly trusted by Sun Quan. In one instance, Zhou Yu entrusted him to recruit Zhuge Liang from Liu Bei. Zhuge Jin and Zhuge Liang met, and Zhuge Jin tried to persuade his younger brother to join Sun Quan. Instead, it was Zhuge Liang trying to talk him over, using duty and family to persuade Zhuge Jin. Zhuge Jin returned to Zhou Yu and related this to him. Zhou Yu asked about what he thought. Zhuge Jin replied, "General Sun Quan has treated me with great kindness, and I could not turn my back on him".

• Lu Su
Lu Su served Sun Quan at Zhou Yu's recommendation. Zhou Yu and Lu Su were the greatest of friends, helping each other out of trouble. Lu Su felt that Wu must form an alliance with Shu, against Wei, and worked as an ambassador on many occasions. Zhou Yu's last words appointed Lu Su as the Commander in Chief of the army.

• Lu Meng
Lu Meng was originally completely the brave warrior, but Sun Quan persuaded him to become a scholar. He became the general of Wu after Lu Su's death. Eager to take back Jing Zhou from Liu Bei, he formed an alliance with Cao Cao and they besieged Jing Zhou in a pincer attack. Together with Lu Xun, they captured Jing Zhou and beheaded Guan Yu and his adopted son, Guan Ping. At a banquet in honor of Lu Meng's victory, he was possessed and killed by the spirit of Guan Yu.

• Zhu Ran
A Wu officer. He controlled the naval forces at the Battle of Yi Ling. He gave chase after Liu Bei, who fled from Lu Xun’s fire attack. However, he was stopped by Zhao Yun, who came to Liu Bei’s aid, allowing him to escape.

• Pan Zhang
A Wu officer. Together with Zhu Ran he captured the great Guan Yu, receiving Blue Dragon as a reward. Later, he is pursued by Guan Yu’s son Guan Xing, and when caught by surprise from seeing Guan Yu’s ghost, is cut down and killed.

• Ling Cao
Vassal of Sun Ce. Father of Ling Tong. After defeating Yan Baihu of Wu Jun, Ling Cao joins Sun Ce and is appointed Commander of Conquest. In a battle with Huang Zu, he is shot by Gan Ning and dies.

• Ling Tong
Wu general and son of Ling Cao. Upon joining Wu, he tries to seek vengeance for his father on Gan Ning, and is reproached by Lu Meng and Sun Quan. Later, when fighting with Yue Jin of WEI, his life is saved by Gan Ning, upon which he makes peace and swears an oath of friendship.

• Dong Xi
Wu officer. He was responsible for introducing the famous doctor Hua Tuo to Sun Ce. He fights well in the defense at Ruan Xu but due to strong winds, his boat is capsized and drowns.

• Quan Zong
An officer of Wu, he was successful in a campaign against bandits. Later, he and Lu Xun attack the Wei troops who are deceived by Zhou Fang’s fake defection. He defeats Wei’s Bi Qiao.

• Sun Shao
He was taken from the Wu family by Sun Jian, who adopted him, making him brothers with Sun Huan. During the attack against Wei, he opposed Xu Sheng. Taking control of his troops, he created confusion amongst the Wei troops. With the help of Ding Feng and others, he achieved a great victory.

• Xu Sheng
A Wu officer. He served in the Battle of Chi Bi, and in the attacks on He Fei and the Jing Province. When Cao Pi attacked Wu, he took a group of troops and by building a phony castle, was able to deceive and evade the Wei forces.

• Zhou Fang
A vassal of Wu and governor of Ba Yang. He pretends to defect to Cao Xiu, and even cuts his beloved hair to earn his trust. He guides Cao Xiu’s army to You Ting, where the Wu army was lying in wait. There Wu gains a great victory.

• Zhou Huan
A Wu officer. He served in the defense of the Wu outpost in the campaign against Wei. At You Ting, he enjoys tremendous success on the battlefield, including the defeat of Cao Xiu’s troops, who had been deceived by Zhou Fang’s defection, and the defeat of the Wei general Zhang Pu.

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