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Nariko - Nariko.8142
« on: Yesterday at 19:20 »
Account Name and Character Name(s)

Nariko PK    - Hunter
Nariko Hdk  - Necro
Nariko Bbg   - Mes
Nariko HK    - Thief
Nari HK        - Engi



What (nick)name would you prefer we call you? (Choose one)

Tell us about yourself (who are you? game experience? clan experience?)
My Name is Tru, I am American, living in Germany.
Hobby Gaming : Aion, Black Desert online, WoW, Archage, D3, PoE, Overwatch
Gaming with my Hubby PS4

How did you find out about us? Did someone give you the link to this site?
Searching the Gw2 Forums for a guild

Are you currently member of any other Guild(s)? How's their policy on multiple guilds, and level of activity?

What kind of game play are you interested in in Guild Wars 2? PvX, PvE, WvW, sPvP
PvE, WvW, sPvP  in that order

Please explain your motivation for wanting to join DW
I'm looking for a casual guild. No drama.  Wanting to find a group of ppl  to log in and have a good laugh while also getting things done.
If you ever played Overwatch and had a raging 10 year old on your team, screaming and insulting   - not looking for that. The opposite.
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